Rinsing water becomes feed for fish and also cleanses the river. This is the real nature!

Rinsing water becomes feed for fish and also cleanses the river.
This is the real nature!

What is “Bansei”?

Effect and feature
Corporate philosophy and environment-friendliness
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Main components of Bansei are plants.
Ingredients are botanical components, mainly based on Japanese knotweed, persimmon leaves, Artemisia.
Bansei soap“Miracle Cleaning Powder” rinsing water becomes feed for fish and cleanses the river.

Effect and feature

(Prevent oxidation)
Bansei products decline the oxidation speed. It is also effective for anti-aging (it removes odors)
It is blended and reduce the odor sources such as toxic substances and have a beneficial effect on making the air “refreshing” and “clean “.
(Antibacterial effect)
Foods become decayed as the number of bacteria increase.  Bansei can reduce the speed of bacteria growing. 
It is very effective for anti-aging, anti-oxidation, anti-odor and antibacterial.


Currently, “Bansei”, natural additives, can be mixed with various materials. Bansei is available in liquid form and master batch (solid chip); they can be added to your existing products and also to your new products. 
Why not consider using “Bansei” to your products?  It has odor-eliminating effect, antibacterial effect, reduce-bacteria effect, antioxidant effect. 
We worked on developing and producing a master batch (solid chip) with special effect, and now we are actually able to produce them. 
Therefore, master batch additives (solid chip) are also available to be added to various products as well. 
Liquid as well as master batch (solid chip) are available to be used in various field, why not joining us to create new and unique products and introduce them to the world? 
We sincerely hope Bansei to be used in mixing with your products and create new collaboration with many companies around the world.

Corporate philosophy and environment-friendliness

Corporate philosophy and environment-friendliness Nature is everything and we make an every effort to make the most of it before considering our own convenience.
If we do, everything will be functioned as they should.  We aim to appreciate everything every day, keep having healthy and prosperous life.
I had lived ecological life in the past 20 years.  “Bansei”, the product we developed, was born by taking fully advantage of “the power” of nature. 
Bansei is an unprecedentedly unique product which not only can add extra value to the various products but also help cleanse the environment today which is what we hope for.


We are a “developer and a promoter of environment-friendly products” centering on “Bansei”,which has antioxidant, oxidoreduction, deodorization, antibacterial effects. 
We do business collaboration with business partners, also B to B businesses. 
We develop new products through the business collaboration with our partners, which enables to satisfy consumers who search for safe, reliable products ever before.
We believe that we can create the prosperous future together. 
If you are considering the higher quality of products, please feel free to contact us.  “Bansei” is the additive made from natural ingredients and can be added to almost any materials.