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Trade practice rule

-The order method of selling merchandise.

Click the button in the application goods side and order it.

-Selling price

It has displayed for every goods including tax.

-The payment method

In the case of  PayPal

You pay by a PayPal account or a bank card.

In the case of a bank transfer

-Following is the information for the bank payment of your shopping.

1.Recipient  bank information
Object Bank Name: RAKUTEN BANK, LTD.
Object Branch:  HEAD OFFICE
Object Bank Country:  JAPAN
Intermediate Bank Name:  CITIBANK JAPAN LIMITED
Intermediate Bank SWIFT : CITIJPJT

t Information
Account Number:  2057039712

-Charges other than the price for goods.

Mailing cost.

-About formation of an order, and cancellation.

A visitor fills in necessary information in order form, and it checks in a confirmation screen.
Then, the time of a transmitting button being pushed serves as formation of an order.
It becomes order treatment of of the next day after 18:00.
In the order of a public holiday, the order on Saturday from the next day and Sunday serves as a receptionist on Monday.

-About stock.

I am striving to be always able to answer to a visitor's demand about stock.
When out of stock, I announce you by e-mail.

-The area which we cannot send to you.

The voyage difficulty and the trouble spot of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs display in areas other than Japan.

-Report duration.

It is a schedule for 1 to two weeks after the transfer check of a charge.
However, please understand that it may be delayed for the reason of a delivery area, stock, etc.
Please contact the following reference, when goods are not delivered, even if two weeks pass after an order.

-About returned goods and exchange.

The case where the thing different from the goods of an order arrives -- a mailing cost -- please return by C.O.D.
If you can connect by e-mail, I will ship another goods immediately.
the mailing cost in the case of liking to replace with other goods on a visitor's convenience -- a visitor -- you pay .

-About a reference and a business operation company.

Business-operation company : Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office.
2-18-5, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Net shop name :Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office
Administrator : Masataka
The mail order by the Internet : A start in 2014. January.