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Privacy Policy

The following approaches are done on the "Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office" site for the protection of personal information.

1. "Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office" is committed to protect your privacy. We will protect you personal information that we learned from you through your inquiry, etc.

2. "Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office" will not share your personal information with third parties without your permission.

3. Your personal information will be protected with appropriate measures to prevent from unlawful access, the loss, destruction, the falsification, and the leakage, etc.

4. When you want to confirm, update and delete your personal information, we will handle it on-line immediately.

5. We observe and improve the law and standard for the above mentioned matters to protect your privacy.

Control and deleting of your personal information

"Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office" deletes your personal information that we received from you after using it to provide the services unless otherwise it was a legal request. Please contact the following for details regarding the privacy policy.


We might change our privacy policy to attempt to give individual information further protection when law is enacted and changed.

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October 01, 2015
September 04, 2019 revision
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