Rinsing water becomes feed for fish and also cleanses the river. This is the real nature!

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"Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office" is entrusted the registrantsユ own judgment whether to obtain the permission from the third party to use a copyrighted work for a registration of a demo, and "Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office" is not liable to take any responsibility for the third party's copyright at all. Also, the registrants should agree the fact that neither the demonstration sound nor the manuscript include something that violates copyrights, and also not including the ones include unlawful or sexual description, threat, and cruelty acts, slanders, annoying, and racial discrimination, nor something that "Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office" has to stop the usage of what possibly destroy the image and the trust of "Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office".

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When we need to file a lawsuit over the use of this service, Tokyo District Court is to be an agreement jurisdictional court of "Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office" over its address.

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We use Japanese law for the aspect and application of this agreement .


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April 01, 2019