Rinsing water becomes feed for fish and also cleanses the river. This is the real nature!

Natural Homes, Bansei construction method

DIY uses the same liquid as professional carpenters do.

Always keep making air fresh.? New idea for answering of sick houses Create healing atmosphere ~ecological house ~

Render buildings free from the VOC which is generated from the building materials and it is the main cause of sick building syndrome.
Other than the VOC, bad odor from tobacco, pet and rubbish will also disappear!
Bansei method uses the Bansei liquid which is extracted from the natural plant.? It is blended with chemical substances, daily odors, and deal with sick house and environmental stress.

Throughout the year, we provide you a comfortable living place.

Always keep making the air clean.  New countermeasure for the sick house syndrome.

Main effect of Bansei Construction Method
Detoxify the room air contaminated with VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), the main cause of sick-house syndrome generated from building materials and furniture.
This method enables to reduce the numerical values of the concentration of the 6 kinds of toxic chemical substances lower than the numerical value indicated by the “housing performance indication system” recommended by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism”

It is easy to use anywhere!
It can be used not only for the new houses but housing construction in general. How to use is easy, just mix and apply, anyone can easily do it!

What is sick-house syndrome?

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as house dust caused by the contaminated room air is considered as one cause of the sick house. These toxic chemical substances cause health problems.  Especially those with allergic disease, children, patient or elderly are concerned.